What happens when you take 3 musical legends and true revolutionaries, Fela Kuti, Bob Dylan and Bob Marley, and let loose Somali born MC K’naan to run through a series of J. Period remixes? You get The Messengers, a concept mixtape and powerful remix project which pays tribute to the legacy of these musical giants, all of whom have heavily influenced K’naan. The Messengers will be released in 4 segments – paying tribute first to Fela Kuti, Nigeria’s eminent musical activist; next to Bob Marley, Jamaica’s emissary of struggle and unity; and then to Bob Dylan, America’s reluctant Civil Rights song leader. The 4th and final installment will be a comprehensive mixtape featuring all three remix projects, plus additional bonus tracks and features. For a taste, listen to and download these three tracks, “Let’s Start” (Fela Kuti Tribute), “Relationships Lay,” (Bob Dylan Tribute), and “Belly Full” (Bob Marley Tribute) featuring Kardinall Offishall, General Steele, and Bajah (a like-minded West African hip-hop artist, who’s mixtape, Kings of Salone, we hipped you to a short while back). Look for the 1st installment on September 1st. K’naan’s album Troubadour is in stores now.

"Let’s Start" (Fela Kuti Tribute)

"Relationship’s Lay" (Bob Dylan Tribute)

"Belly Full" feat. Kardinall Offishall, General Steele, and Bajah (Bob Marley Tribute)

Download all three songs by clicking here.


  • Jpee

    Damn cant wait for the rest!!! Fire..

  • Enoch00

    bout time someone stated to grab at them Fela joints

  • Cuddaroy


  • something 2 say

    That Fela joint is gonna be FIRE!! Can’t wait till Sept. 1st

  • dapwun

    really dope. hip hop lives. 4evah!

  • hk42

    very very NICE

  • ChikeJ

    Great idea!

  • Vancity Allstar

    Great Fresh North stand up!!!
    between K’naan, Ebrahim, Kardinall and Drake…. Canada takin’ over this year

  • STZA

    best k’naan stuff i heard so far

  • Free Defy

    Lovely peaceful music. love it!

  • 92105

    Then belly full but we hungry.. R.I.P MARELY

  • R3K

    the best kardinal verse ive ever heard lyrically..of course knaan does his thing too

  • nohow

    ha ha wouldnt you know it i been working on the craziest beats based on mr marleys works oh well….this project will be real good k’naan is nice wid it

  • TomL

    K’naan spit the same rap when he was free-styling with green lantern a few weeks back.

    Guess he came up with this on the spot and put int into a song, or just rapped something he had been working on which everyone else thought was a sick freestyle. Either way sick song.

  • keyzoflife

    my kind of music!! music sounds like immortal tech eating a brownie.

  • lilkunta

    Why was BobDylan “America’s reluctant Civil Rights song leader “? Did he not care abou equality for all US citizens?

  • yerrrrrrrr

    Whoever wrote this is clearly racist. And this is comin from a brother. “reluctant”. fuckouttahere with that indirect shit. bitch.

  • Tony ostinato


  • nadnerb

    september 1 is too long to wait

  • daximus

    Super nice!!!!!

  • tamilchik

    It’s 9/2, where can I get this? It’s not on iTunes=(

  • katieb

    Bob Dylan is a “reluctant Civil Rights song leader” because while his songs were quite political and early in his career he participated actively in folk music circles for the civil rights movement, he also publicly denounced being the poster child of any movement and is quoted as saying, “I’ve never written a political song. Songs can’t save the world. I’ve gone through all that.”