Leave it to Invincible to tackle a subject that seems to have been swept under the rug by American media. I should hope everyone is at least somewhat aware of what has been going on on the Gaza Strip. On this K-Salaam & Beatnick produced track, "The Emperor's Clothes," Invincible vents her frustrations on the crisis. Click here for a good place to catch yourself up on the situation, and to get involved, go here. Before anyone claims bias, keep in mind that Invincible herself is Israeli. A video for this song is coming soon. Holla at Fresh Selects for more info.

Invincible "The Emperor’s Clothes"


  • yeroc

    word! strong lyrics.

  • Hey U

    Wow! Invincible goes Hard!!!
    Thank you for having the guts to create this song…This is true hip hop in its purest form.
    Demonstrate, Educate, Elevate!!!

  • newsy

    “a good place to catch yourself up on the situation”??? The site itself says it’s mission is to report from “the Palestinian perspective.” Clearly not the most unbiased site. As a newsjunkie that’s critical of both sides, I wouldn’t direct you to a site that reports from an Israeli perspective either.

  • shamz…

    you’re right newsy, I should have looked at that link a little closer

  • luscious satyagraha

    this piece is amazing, and while i get the need for unbiased voices, its so necessary right now for folks to hear the voices of palestinians, israelis and american jews and other arabs that stand in solidarity against the violent zionism that led to gaza. free free palestine!

  • omnicrisis

    That’s right newsy, can’t present the colonized side of the story without also sharing that of the colonizer. That’s great that you are “critical of both sides.”

    Look, there are not two equal sides to this story, both equally worry of your noble criticism. Just look at the deathtoll: 13 Israeli’s killed in this Gaza war, 4 of them by friendly fire, 10 of them soldiers, and 1300 Palestinians killed. The Israeli perspective is all we hear in the media. AIPAC has an iron grip on U.S. politics and nary a U.S. politician offers any criticism of Israel’s massacres. Damn right its time that we heard the “Palestinian perspective.” Props to okayplayer for sharing this Invincible track and the links. Keep it up

  • omnicrisis

    equally *worthy* of

  • Free the P

    Check out also Invincible’s “No Compromises” http://electronicintifada.net/downloads/music/No-Compromises.mp3

  • People Not Places
  • foxmerquise8

    Invincible is actually Jewish.

  • Something 2 say

    WOW…I guess Chuck D was right when he said rap is the ‘black CNN'(I’m using it figuratively) This song is on point, I know President Obama when play this situaion very carefully because people are tuned in now and when it comes to the Middle East specifically the Palestinian situation many people are not just goint to sit by and except ‘status quo’ I try to be unbiased but I’ve always felt for the Palestinian people and felt that even though Israeli’s shouldn’t live in fear of riding on buses/eating at restuarants; the oppression the Palestinians face because of Israel is unwarranted and should stop. Israel has clearly been wrong in their recent offensive, war crimes have already been tossed around. Very powerful lyrics! FREE PALESTINE!

  • a couple other info sources


    Check out The Middle East Research and Information Project: http://www.merip.org/


    The Israeli Information Center for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories:

  • oriwan

    Totally agree with newsy. Talking of Genocide is just rediculous. If Israel was interested in Genocide, it would take about an hour to rid West Bank and Gaza off the map. (Heard the expression before? Maybe from Iran, Hamas´ main sponsor.) Auschwitz was genocide, Srebrenica was genocide, Rwanda was genocide and Darfur is.

    Wonder where yall been during 8 years of rocket-terror against Israel (yes, before Gaza was cut off). And wonder why you guys dont turn to Egypt as it has a border with Gaza as well. Wonder where you guys were when 300.000 got killed in Sudan and 250.000 in Algeria.

    Obviously, as a Muslim you can kill hundreds of thousands of your kind, nobody will say anything. When Israel reacts to on going terror after years, everybody cries Genocide, War crimes aso.

    Wonder what you guys said, when after Arafat´s dead 4bill. US-$ were found on some bank accounts all over Europe – money that was given to the Palestinian leadership to feed their people. Instead, they choose to invest in rockets and their own pockets.

    To start crying of Israel´s reaction after thousands of Hamas-rockets (deliberately from civilian areas into civilian areas) is of cosmic hypocrisy and has never been seen before.

    Shamz, you should really check what you offer as links. Talking about an Apartheid wall ist just such a lie. How then do you explain 1.3 million Arabs living on the Israel side of the fence (more than 90% of it in fact is fence)?

    Sad, but true: you see one side, ignoring that anywhere in the world, where bigger numbers of casualties are involved in conflicts, fantic islam is an actor on the ground.

    Are you guys blind, naive or both?

  • oriwan

    Sorry, need to add this:

    same it true for Invincible:

    She might be Jewish. That doesnt protect her from being politically naive or historically blind.

    I always wonder where the peace movements are in the Arab states or the Palestinian territories.

  • Shalom

    Great song and great post. I am Jewish and I firmly stand in solidarity with the Palestinian people. I am ashamed of what Israel is doing. I have 100 times more respect for okayplayer for having the courage to post this.

    Even Mandela said that what Israel is doing is similar to what white South Africa did to Black people.



  • FINALLY!!!

    FINALLY someone is saying something about this!!! Props to Invincible + OKP!!!

    Check out what Nelson Mandela has to say:

    “Apartheid is a crime against humanity. Israel has deprived millions of Palestinians of their liberty and property. It has perpetuated a system of gross racial discrimination and inequality. It has systematically incarcerated and tortured thousands of Palestinians, contrary to the rules of international law. It has, in particular, waged a war against a civilian population, in particular children.

    The responses made by South Africa to human rights abuses emanating from the removal policies and apartheid policies respectively, shed light on what Israeli society must necessarily go through before one can speak of a just and lasting peace in the Middle East and an end to its apartheid policies.”
    -Nelson Mandela

  • Faruk

    Seems like Obama is taking too much attention for the us media ! A palestinian man said that he feels lik there animals begin testes with many new weapons ,, becuase of new phosphorous bombs that are initially meant to be used by soldiers for smoke camoflauge but instead have been used on innocent ppl in houses ,, the doctors say they have never seen burns like this before,, very strange and that serves as a viable explanation to why the israeli gov hasnt allowed aid untill now ! GOd almighty will give every person the punishment they deserve in the next life ,, i just hope that all opresed ppl around the world stay peacefull and belive in gods power !

  • Jews for Justice Represent

    Invincible, thank you for speaking on this!

    Yeah second on Btselem:
    if you don’t believe what the Palestinian people are experiencing
    check out what an un-biased (in fact, if anything, overly cautious) Israeli human rights organization has to say.

    Oriwan, learn your history before you call other people “politically naive.” Invincible took the time to understand what the fuck she’s talking about, why don’t you?

  • kdsl;

    She moved out of Israel when she was 3 years old…she is an idiot she spoke at my college her info her based purely off of internet youtube videos

  • Electwonder

    That’s what’s up. I appreciate the light brought to the matter. I feel a need to be better informed. Thanks for the post… A question… Does anyone really believe lasting (at least 1 century) peace is possible in this region? Peaceful and just coexistence between Palestinian and Israeli?

    Not that we ever stop pursuing peace, justice and equality — these are righteous and most worthy socio-political pursuits. But how do we reconcile these efforts with the inevitable endgame conclusion of apocalypse, i.e., Armageddon?

  • Electwonder

    And again… straight fire!!

  • Amelia34

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