Ilyas, one third of the group Tanya Morgan, is readying the release of his solo debut album, The Prelude. For his first leak off the album he has brought along his TM fam with "Real Hip Hop Don't Die." It's true that it was hard to find a pulse on h.e.r. for a while, but hopefully they're sentiments continue to ring true in '09.

Ilyas "Real Hip Hop Don’t Die" feat. Tanya Morgan



  • Saint15

    yes i do like this.

  • dRes

    sounds good to me

  • sciencep

    Tanya are the dopest out, people need to cut them checks so they’ll stick around

  • Rye

    Biggups!! Ain’t too many real hip hop artist left or at least trying to emerge in this particular genre of hip hop.