DJ House Shoes is looked on by many as one of the key ambassadors to Detroit hip-hop. However, his production skills are often inexplicably overlooked. Let this serve as a re-introduction for some of you – here is "Newports," which is to be featured on the fourth installment of All City Records LA 10" series. (also featuring Jordan Rockswell). All City Records LA 10" Series featuring House Shoes and Jordan Rockswell is out now via 10" Vinyl, and will be on iTunes on May 18th.

House Shoes "Newports"



  • mmm music

    super chill. loving this beat

  • Uhurube

    Michigan Stand UP!!!

  • DJ Phizzy

    I’m gonna spin this On The Corner. http://www.radiok.org/onthecorner The world needs more music like this.