As the temperature starts to lower, and we quickly approach the holiday season, you need look no further than the streets of NYC to witness the serious issue of homelessness which plagues our country (and this world as a whole). Homeboy Sandman tackles this issue, which rarely gets attention, with this new song "Angels with Dirty Faces." As always Boy Sand takes an outside the box (no pun) approach to a real issue. This song will appear on Homeboy Sandman's upcoming album, The Good Sun, dropping in February 2010.

Homeboy Sandman "Angels with Dirty Faces (prod. J57)"



  • Finale

    this shit is dope…nuff said

    (keep killin’ em dude)

  • P.SO The Earth Tone King

    Sand’s album will be a classic!!

  • MerryMargie

    Homeboy Sandman is the butters bomb. If you don’t know you are whacktaculous! Word!

  • Fashawn

    I been a big J57 fan, now I’m definitely a Homeboy Sandman fan.
    Amazing song.

  • Serigne

    I’ll have some more please!

  • deficit

    Beats a 10
    Lyrics a 10.

  • Frankie Octane

    I never heard of this Homeboy Sandman… I’m gonna be checkin for this guy now. His flow ain’t as smooth as I think it should be but he’s pretty dope. Nice to hear a song with substance.

  • MCJurnee

    Queens, New York all day!!! we hold our own boy!!! Another lightnin’ bolt Sandman….keep it on!!!!

  • Hey U

    That dude can spit!

  • Niles

    This track is true to the soul and the topic needed light shed on it. Excellent job.

  • Naheem Adio

    This track is moving! I had to play it twice! Sandman is an incredible artist and I can’t wait for the next album!

  • Sketch tha cataclysm.

    I love that this cat is getting attention. Good song.

  • Likwuid

    Sandman gives eargasms! I love the way his mind works, and his immense sincere love for his craft! Good stuff homey.

    -L dotta

  • John Robinson

    Boy Sand always Keeps it SOOPER DOOPER FRESH! Innovation… Never let’s ya down…

    Blessings Sand!

  • Thievin

    And the judges say: http://tinyurl.com/ybn7fel

  • Trends

    Sandman is the Truth!!!!!!

  • PurpleZoe/purplemag.com

    Long live Homeboy Sandman.

  • Tislam God Allah


  • Tislam God Allah

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  • Angelina Vic

    I’ve been a fan of Homeboy Sandman for a minute now, but that doesn’t stop me from being impressed by his new works…he keeps setting the bar higher and higher…love it!