Here goes an unreleased banger by Ghostface called "Slept on Tony." This song is off of Ghost's album GhostDeini The Great which drops next Tuesday on Def Jam. The album blends classic tracks with remixes and new verses along with two unreleased songs. Holla at OnSmash for a few other bonuses off this project. Follow me after the jump for the tracklisting.

Ghostface Killah "Slept On Tony"

1. Slept On Tony
2. Run (Remix) (w/ Jadakiss, Lil Wayne, Raekwon & Freeway)
3. Kilo (Remix) (w/ Raekwon & Pusha T)
4. Be Easy (Remix) (w/ Ice Cube)
5. Tony Segal (a.k.a. Barrel Bros.) (w/ Styles P & Beanie Sigel)
6. It’s Over
7. Walk Around
8. 9 Milli Bros. (w/ Wu-Tang Clan)
9. Mighty Healthy
10. Apollo Kids
11. All I Got Is You (w/ Mary J Blige)
12. Cher Chez La Ghost
13. Back Like That (Remix) (w/ Kanye West & Ne-Yo)
14. Street Opera (w/ Sun God)
15. You Know I’m No Good (w/ Amy Winehouse)
16. The Champ (Remix)
17. Ghostface Christmas



  • Mick Shousky

    This is crazy! It reminds me of the good times like it was on a movie soundtrack or something from when i was young! Hot!

  • Mick Shousky

    If i post twice it is really hot! One of the greatest lyricist ever. Ironman is one the greatest albums ever in all catergories. If you are a fan of poetry in and are not biased about it’s forms as it is a wonderful mind puzzle to figure out. Wu tang has birthed some of the greatet music we have ever seen.

  • dj crossfader

    not really a new album most of these joint been released b4

  • Shamz…

    “The album blends classic tracks with remixes and new verses along with two unreleased songs”

  • B_Dun

    Ghostface Christmas…that doesn’t sounds right…

  • KeenEar

    He freaked the hell out of that Herb Alpert sample!

  • Brandon Norwood

    Dis is the song from Iron Man!!! When Tony and Rhodey were on the plane.

  • Big Zu 2 Tha Lu

    best rapper alive

  • Kooley High

    One of the reasons why i love this artform…

  • ChUcK nAsTy

    The Lengendary GhostDeini might be dead!!!???? NEVER That He still sharper than a number two pencil on the first day of school!!! Now get in line pa, for you get your little thick ass tossed up…. Smart Dumb Cats!!!!!

  • EarlGee

    Sound like Premo cut this up.Gotta gfo support this dude he is a older GOD!

  • b dogg

    holy shit i cant wait for this, i herd it comes with a bonues dvd i wonder whats on that. the best rapper alive, number 1 on my list.