I feel like Fashawn just dropped that Ode To Illmatic mixtape the other day, and already he's gearing up for another release. I ain't mad at that. Fash hops on Gucci's "Street Cred" beat for this song called "Santiago's Revenge." Fash's tape, Grizzly City 3 will be out in late August.

Fashawn "Santiago’s Revenge"


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  • eazy

    this is DOPE. not a fan of Gooch, so never heard this beat, but its ridiculous, and Fash did it justice

  • B fro da QC

    Cats are really sleepin on this dude! Another hot cut!

  • G. Kubiak

    Dude can spit, ’nuff respect!!!–I like 90% of what I’ve heard from him so far

    2 criticisms though, but not of him:

    1)Why do beats sound so “thin” these days? Seriously it’s grating (overcompression much??!!)
    2)I DO really wish dudes would stop talking before their verse…everybody does it now, so it’s not a diss toward Fashawn, he’s seems to be one of the best “newer” emcees in the game today

  • dj crossfader

    fash is dope but the beat is garbage he needs to get with exile

  • Jawsh

    Love how he associated the title of this song with what is explained in his track Lupita, off of Boy Meets World.

    Like it reallyreally stuck with him.

    Revenge! 🙂

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