Erykah has a plan, she announced it last week.  She is releasing media (songs, videos, images) via her twitter at 3:33pm or 3:33am (Time Zone TBD) from now until the release of New Amerykah Part Two: Return of The Ankh available everywhere on 3.30.2010 AD.  This started last Friday with the official leak of "Jump Up In The Air and Stay There" feat. Lil Wayne and Bilal.  Well according to E, the label got a bit excited with regards to leaking the first single, "Window Seat," which she intended to announce along with another video this coming Tuesday February 9th at 3:33am on erykahbadu.com, the same day it goes to radio.  As we've seen time and time again, things don't always go as planned.  Here is "Window Seat" produced by the Soulquarians (?uest on drums, James Poyser on keys) from Erykah's forthcoming New Amerykah Part Two: Return of The Ankh.

Erykah Badu "Window Seat"

Check erykahbadu.com on Tuesday February 9th for the video.


  • cscott

    A bold move to drop a 7 minute instrumental to radio as a single. Badu is trying to change the game.

  • cam0d

    dope…long live quality music…

  • eazy

    how is it that these people, being who they are, got together and recorded a 7-minute trance rave instrumental and decided that would be the lead single???

  • JRC18

    This isn’t Window seat even though it is interesting.

    Here’s the real thing:


  • thisisdantana

    holy crap, lol.. this a bassnectar track of the same name. this is what i get for posting on a Saturday. 1 sec…

  • THIS IS…

    Funny as Hell!!! Lol!!! Can’t wait for ya’ll to hear the actual song, it’s not this, but it is so dope!! Erykah’s killing it once again. Sit back and enjoy

  • thisisdantana

    WOW… ok. Digital Internet #FAIL. That was “Window Seat” by bassnecatar:


    We had a little bit of an issue there, its been fixed.

    MY BAD.

  • eazy

    this is more like it.
    i couldnt believe that other track could possibly be Soulquarians, especially with the programmed drums and whatnot hahahaha

  • dapluva!

    yes badu redeems herself she almost fell off with that lil wayne shit that was totally whack and uncalled for i vote she scrap that song and do another one in its place with a doper emcee like elzhi on it

  • Ultimate Existence

    Don’w why cat’s are hating on the new Badu joint with Weezy I think just because it’s weezy the track is hot.

  • tk47

    Thank you ms Badu keep doin you. but take that lil wayne shit out of here

  • Promeneur

    @ cscott : lol this isn’t “window seat”!

  • knowledgeofself

    Life just got a whole lot better….



  • Let Shannon Dunk

    just made my day! amazing song.

  • Steel

    I love Mrs. E and this sounds like old vintage Badu but as much as I like it I was really wishing she would continue to push the boundaries like she did on New Amerykah Pt 1.

    It’s still fresh to be able to hear fresh sounds from E. I was one of the few who actually was feeling “Jume Up In the Air and Stay There” because it was so fresh and a different approach. I hope there is some of that kind of progression on Pt 2.

  • Oneepat

    Yes, Mrs apple tree

    Ah, what a pleasant gift in the form of this song. I guess I will buy this from I tunes, because I be damn if I buy the CD with little Wayne on it.

  • T.R.U.E.-One

    better then the lil wayne crap she had earlier

  • Maestro

    Wonderful song! Simple but nice. I like.

  • nefer

    this is the badu i’ve been missing

  • whitman88

    The Soulquarians finally return, thank you. That raw shit lives on. Smile Dilla, u felt brother.

  • cease

    Loving this–this gets me hype for the new disc

  • Madd

    I love this, I can’t wait for more.
    Badu back with vintage stuff – that is what we love!!!!!!!!!!!!

    “Window seat” sounds like “Everything” cover of Misia, a colabo with Zap Mama from 2004 I think.
    I love this.

  • DJ BruceBlaQ

    ms. badu is a blessing to our ears…proud to be growing with her…YES!!!!

  • Toronto_MB


  • Yeah…but

    Nice, but just sounds like Mama’s Gun with a few hints of Worldwide Underground.

  • Christopher23

    it’s about time, Erykah….welcome back.

  • PhillyROOTed

    NICE,I’m feelin this!!!!

  • Kriswontwo

    kool? kool! kool.

  • Kriswontwo

    whos on bas??

  • D.HOGG

    best way to get my week started. 2 copies, car and crib. cant wait til i go to new york. puttin this on repeat the whole flight.

  • Breezy

    Crack .. plus “Jump in the air” is getting better everytime i listen to it ..

  • JAHI

    Thank you Badu

  • sHaY99

    @Steel I agree..I love Pt 1 as well and I really like the fact that it was sooo diff than anything else…But this vintage Erykah and its cool..I didnt initially love Jump up in the air but it was def growing on me..To my understanding the last album was completely digital…

  • Dancingmoondog

    Tight!!!! Tight!!!!

  • Kriswontwo

    bass: adam blackstone ??

  • Choada7777

    Solid. Proof a Soulquarian album needs to be made.

  • nodie1960

    Smoking, Stroking, Grooving, Makes me wanna be in love! This joint is tight!

  • dalost1

    is found!

  • bongers

    AMAZING!!! (like she’s ever short of it)

  • VivaLaRap

    Whew this is beyond dope… Much Needed. Great comeback from Ms. Badu

  • Enobat

    Love it. Can’t wait for the album. Thank you Ms. Badu.

  • aloha84103

    “Window Seat” reminds me a bit of Mama’s Gun and Worldwide Underground but still fresh and not tired.. Can’t wait to hear the rest of the album!!

  • 1love123

    This is BADU!!!! keep killin it. WE ARE LISTENING AND LOVING.

  • TASH1

    James P is dope!!

  • Breezy

    Bass : Stephen “Thundercat” Bruner

  • Kriswontwo

    Ah yea, i see. Big up to Stephen “Thundercat” Bruner!! Peace!

  • peeaace

    i really expect this cd to better than the first jawn.

    I can’t wait!!

  • Flavtothecity

    I think I don’t understand when the video will be dropped………….3.30 am tue??so if it is that must be here or anywhere else but I don’t see no video all around the web!….so if i’m wrong dont mind i’m from milan and I think I don’t understand what 3.30 am means

  • chille

    I was waiting for this to come out for so long!! Finally its here!! amazing stuff ;]

  • tk47

    this that summer relaxation music

  • KD06

    It seems the haters have left the building and now everyone is back with BADU. No hate on Wayne on this post just kudos. Hate to say I told you so….. “I TOLD YOU SO!!!!”

  • fblade38

    quality music at it’s finest!keep it comming Ms Badu

  • elilabonita

    i really like the new single, ” Window Seat,” the lyrics are nice and relate able and of course always originale! cant wait for da album!

  • Fijjy78

    Preach on sister…

  • augusts1

    This is classic Badu. Love it! Totally didn’t expect this after her releasing ‘Jump In The Air And Stay There’ which was such a totally different jam from anything she’s done before.

    Leave it to Erykah to throw us a curve ball!

  • Kriss

    Goodness gracious. I love me some Erykah. That is the HOMIE right there. Whew.

  • mlaura1

    loves it!

  • EbbandFlow

    Lovin’ this tune – can’t wait to hear what the rest of the album brings us!

  • theDrc

    amazing! I can’t wait for the new album!
    it’s a real throw back to baduzim/Mama’s Gun…awesome


  • ColdBlooded23

    This is a great start to a rightous album


    Yo, that’s that slick ‘n smooth Badu, I’m diggin how it switch up on the bridge! I’m Sooo ready for that new Album to drop!! “Come back to Seattle!!” Home of tha good-good 😉

  • ~~Prb

    THATS THE ONE!!clap clap clap…….etc……………………………..

  • ~~Prb

    “thats the one!!!!!clap clap clap…..etc…

  • tina telles

    very nice down to earth

  • El Rob

    Loving it! Smooth, sexy, Badu. Saw her show in Tempe. 100+ degrees in the crowd. Tryed to keep my cool when her stage dive brought her within feet of me. Word. feeling this. FYI: catch the movie House of D. Ms. Badu is in it, and she kills it. Even sings a little and everything.

  • Evelyn83

    i love it…finally…real music is back…we missed u Ms Badu…

  • Bunneh3000

    This made my day! 🙂

  • tinamarie

    beautiful,eryka cant wait to hear more

  • BigTah

    Yeah this is the vibe I’m feeling. More than the Jump Up In the Air joint. Give thanks.

  • LaelaSuddz

    Love it!! Can’t wait for more!

  • SufferInStyle

    LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! This song has been on repeat for the past 3 days!

  • blackark

    this is CLASSIC! classic ERYKAH BADU. It’s Like 1997 back again.

  • bschmidt

    amaizing – purchased on iTunes

  • jetten2

    Ummm I think this will have to be on of those songs I have listen to several times b4 I get it. Not an instant EB fav of mine.

  • Saybrother

    my day was ruff and this is what i needed to put me on track. This is an artist evovling and growing. Love this! Love Badu!

  • CamiPaz

    preciosa voz! a blessed voice
    like always… this song is beautiful

  • vlover

    This song instantly grabs you…and Erykah delivers once again.

  • h2obearer

    haunting! cant stop listening to this blissful experience.

  • The Mute

    What a nice song… That’s our Erykah! Yeah!!! Thanks for keeping there!!! Amazing…

  • Marjorie Golden

    good song great voice …E always delivers

  • Aleishia

    I love it. We missed you Ms Badu! Can’t wait for the whole Album.

  • Erica Pytts :)


    n Ms. badu .. i c u . 3:33 and 3/3/2010 = 3/3/3 🙂

    Beautiful! I CANT WAIT!!!!!

  • dcnydc

    man the first time erykah step on the scene i knew she was going to be the underdog cause for real, real music don’t never go commercial the record companies are scared but they put that bull shit out and all the rap songs just remind you that your broke and they dumb rich and i do mean dumb literally. i like beyounce music but the chick then turn to soft porn. you do what you wanna do but don’t be a hypocrite. ms. badu got that true music for your soul, emotion, and mind. much love to her and THANK YOU ERYKAH!!!!!! this is a bomb song keep doing what you do.

  • k_iniec

    I was waiting for the new music from Miss Badu too long… Love the new song and want more 🙂

  • danny b.

    miss e has delivered another GEM……….



  • ASIM

    the soulfully elegant Erykah Badu has done it again…


    Love it! Very Soulful as usual when your dealing with Erykah Badu… Love the Bass Line!

  • LoriE

    Why is this song so dope!? Erykah never fails me!

  • Honeyboy81082

    This song makes me wanna do a fun dance number! another great tune! I will definately clap for you!!

  • natsumi

    love erykah! can’t wait release of her new album and Japan tour!

  • juraj-elijah

    love it. hopefully we can hear more on the maybe day.

  • charityB

    All Hail the Queen….

  • Honeyboy82

    oh my goodness….lordy lordy lordy! great single! really digs deep into the heart and soul. I think this album is going to sell more than her previous albums. this woman diserves our energy so she can continue to evolve and we can evlove with her along the way..

  • dil3mna

    This song just make me high…! I can’t wait the entiere record.. pretty sure it will be amazing.. !

  • Dela London Soul ~ F4u

    Love this!

    London Love


  • flysexychic

    so smooth and relaxing…you gotta love this song…can’t wait to hear more off this new album…Erykah reigns forever!

  • Rosebudd

    I can listen to this all day. I can relate to this on so many different levels.

  • breezybre

    love this song! can’t wait to hear the album. i’ve got high hopes!

  • P.K. Hemmons

    Ms. Badu keeps it consistently smooth, mellow & funky with this latest installment of Baduism. Just saw the video today, and it was “POWERFULLY PROFOUND”!!!

  • soraya sempre (dsmp)

    this joint is bangin’! ms.badu delivers time after time after time. Consistently!

  • Gevelien

    I remember when i was a lil girl and jumping rope and thinking to my self, i wanna jump in da air and stay there.lol Can’t wait to buy this album.

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