We have a double dose of Erykah Badu to start the day. Above, get lost in the incredible, detailed, and attention grabbing official artwork for New Amerykah Part Two: Return of The Ankh. The cover was designed by Emek, who as you can probably tell designed her last cover, as well. Erykah also picked the perfect song to leak to aid the visual experience this cover creates, with the Madlib produced track "Strawberry Incense" (Kristen Agnesta on harp). Make sure to keep checking Badu's website for regular updates. E also encouraged her fans to tweet their own haikus about the song – check out her page, there are some pretty good ones on there. New Amerykah Part Two: Return of The Ankh will be in stores March 30th.

Erykah Badu "Strawberry Incense (prod. Madlib)"


  • Madd

    I just love her…

  • Jesse David

    this is a beautiful, hypnotic, enchanting song. can’t wait til the album drops!

  • Trill Gates

    much more interesting than the previous tracks. by the way, its not a fucking “leak” if the artist puts it out. why is the industry trying to market this phrase into a buzzword??

  • Le Magnifique

    Incroyaaaaaaaable !!!!!
    this beat is so sick…
    feels like J Dilla was passing by the studio…

  • Le Magnifique

    no download link?
    feenin for this beat yooooooo

  • Shamz
  • intelligentRebelLion.org

    love me some badu>>>>

    download TRUTHLiVE – the UNLEARNING featuring production from thabizness theare jzone and many others @ intelligentRebelLion.org

  • Jericho Drumm

    Beautiful song. Madlib…you’re incredible!!!

  • WoW!

    Definitely a Madlib track feat. Erykah Badu. Perception is so interesting. Madlib could have dropped this on an instrumental album and….???? On Erykah Badu’s album, it will be called masterful, great, classic, beautiful…. Props to Erykah for letting an underappreciated great shine so hard. Keeping great music in the speakers.

  • livein76

    Badu as usual delivers and don’t half step. I can’t wait to cop that album.

  • dude here

    far out! i love it. makes me want to sit on my rug and light a doobie..

  • BLaKscoTT

    it felt like i was sailing the Nile for 3 mins, this joint needs to be @ least 6 1/2 mins long……the harp is so fresh!!!

  • Augusts1

    Loving it! So different from anything she’s done before.

  • redefineself


  • R We

    WoW – I appreciate your comment and you are 110% right. Madlib and Erykah work wonders.

  • GameTheory4:20


  • Steve!

    what? track is nice with the harp and all but…?

  • concerned badu fan

    We’ve already heard like 5 or 6 tracks from this album, and this one is the best there’s been so far. Maybe the album will be better from track 1 to the end, but for now, this really seems like her weakest album to date

  • flybugs

    this beat is amazing..the harp sounds dope..erykah badu really brought shine to this track..really digging this song..it does need to be longer though..

  • doublemcee

    I hope the album is Lil Wayne free . I like the song up in the air , but do not dig lil wayne’s verse . He was not a goo d choice unless the goal is to be surface instead of substance

  • watitdone

    makes me wanna do drugs

  • Najee

    I agree with BLaKscoTT extend this track so the ride down the nile can continue.

  • D. HOGG

    3 COPIES!! car, house and gonna give one to someone who has never heard an erykah album before. make this track longer!!

  • RodC

    Dopeness! E always brings a new style with her flow.

  • da illest one

    not much to this track y’all, its another dragged out interlude on a short length album. Badu has been making these short albums with intrumentals since Worldwide Underground in 2003. Enough with the 40 minute albums with a ton of instrumentals, I want some real songs for chris sakes!!!

  • Neon Don

    beat drops and i spark up a fat one – Madlib you got me stuck on that stay high.

  • danny b.

    the cover is dope. i’m digging that track. THE QUEEN DOES IT AGAIN…..

  • Gildas

    Mmouai… un skit, ok. Nice. But we need more “Window Seat” stuff!! NOW ! Or around march 30th !


    just a draged out interlude kinda weak not a proper song

  • brolicscholar

    Y do people always try to put artists in a little box? Stop looking for what your ear is used to and let the artist practice ARTISTRY… There will never be another Baduizm or Mamas Gun and Dilla is gone (God bless the dead). Ms. Badu is pure genuis as usual!

  • Jahi

    What a wonderful song to start the day. Ms. Badu, if I said it a million times it wouldn’t be enough..We love you

  • RBi

    sounds wonderful

  • brawta 2

    But this is just and interlude…the comments are unbelievable..I love Badu but is everyone just blown away by “new”

  • hisstology.com

    Sounds like a great interlude..

  • Tetertan

    Fuckin DOPE! this is what the kid wants to hear!

  • Kimeon

    Love it~~~

  • juiceboxjackson

    yeah, obviously Badu has no freaking clue what she is doing. I mean, we all got it figured out here on the internets…just wait till we all unleash this amazing music on everyone. It will be perfect and all the children will cry.

  • STZA

    this > window seat > jump up in the air

  • Promeneur

    Interlude or not, the harp and the bassline are the dopeness

  • Shaun P

    Hotep!! 4 those that don’t ovastand where Ms. Badu is coming from, Peace. Whatever she builds, the masses will come.

  • dlm


    the voice of Badu
    like honey-rich reverie
    relieves much ado

  • yaya from south jersey

    this is AMAZING!!!!! badu and madlib! sick!!!!

  • KM

    OKP think they slick they put a download link for ANYBODY elses music.. but not Ebadu! lolol.. support much

  • von duch

    Off top I’m coppin’ this. This album WILL be anotha banga from BADU!

  • Thuro

    One of the few artist Ill spend my $$$ on. Everyone else gets the burnt treatment.. Big up Eryakah!

  • dcnydc

    i dont car if the instruments do last for a min. them beats sound good, but when she comes in with whatever she has to say, it’s worth it. love you badu! you gets no bootleg!!
    the art work is crazy. shout out to emik, i liked the art work.

  • Quealy Jackson

    Can you guess where part of my paycheck is going on March 30th?

  • Fax

    Can any one translate whats being said towards the end??
    I imagine that its Kemetic some how but I dont know…
    There was an interlude on “Twinkle” on NewAmerykah too with the same kinda language…
    Any ideas ??

    • jamison

      I know the translation for the words spoken on twinkle… I am in search of what is being said on incense.

  • DJ Filthie Rich

    the language at the end of the song is from a movie in 1985 called Enemy Mine featuring Dennis Quaid and Louis Gosset Jr. Dennis Quaid plays a human astronaut that crash lands on a alien planet and eventually befriends an alien (played by Louis Gosset Jr.). The language is the alien language of the Dracs spoken by LG Jr. If you really want to know more here is a website with all the info; http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0089092/. As far as translating goes, GOOD LUCK! KEEP IT HIP HOP ALIVE, PEACE, DA FILTHIE ONE

  • reader

    lol @KM, so true.

  • Everyone else gets the burnt treatment.. Big up Eryakah!

  • this post will be great

  • it is good, and i have never see.

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