This kid Emilio Rojas not only has an insane flow, but he's also got something to say. In his new song "Pain" he spits that real rap about, well, the pain in his life. The song is off of Reality's upcoming compilation album, For Future History.

Emilio Rojas "Pain (Prod. Reality)"



    No disrespect but this sounds like a a bunch of “dead in the middle of little Italy, little did he know we riddle riddled some middle men who didin’t do didily” bullshit. Pun was great but I see that OKP doesn’t really have there finger on the pulse of good music. This song was heralded but it’s actually wack……

  • Tribal Union

    ok gotta disagree sorta, the hook is wack but he really got me on the lyrics, shades of talib kweli. But that other joint”young, fresh fly is the garbage I heard this. Now okp I see where ur coming from.

  • Kooley High

    Either way… Dude does have talent and flow. Everyone has room to grow.

  • Dirty Needle

    Seems like MRKEEPITRIGHT is keepin it wrong. Don’t really see the pun comparison. Yes, dude spits crazy, but ‘dead in the middle of little italy’…my man, r u not listening, this isn’t a spit track or a wannabe ‘Twins’ cover–this is a theme record from start to finish…I’ll spell it out for you like homeboy does in the track//P-A-I-N.