While talking Hip-Hop with Tanya Morgan backstage at The Jam a couple of weeks ago, Von Pea mentioned that they recorded a few songs with Drake awhile back. I was definitely curious as hell to find out what they sounded like. Courtesy of RIK we get a sampling of the collabo with this song from '07 Drake, "Right To Left" featuring Tanya Morgan. This track was left off of Drizzy's mixtape, Comeback Season, and FWMJ says he has two more Drake x TM songs in the stash.

Drake "Right To Left" feat. Tanya Morgan



  • mr. radio

    dope song even though drakes verse is from a previous track of his. hopefully the other cuts with TM will get posted

  • Shamz…

    This was the original, when the song got scrapped from Comeback Season, he later reused the verse

  • DincoT

    This is wack because I said so! And the chours is horrible who let Alfonso Riberto into the Hip-Hop game Drake should be the next R&b sensation not Rakim!

  • beeable

    itz ok..drake is nice

  • blakonbothsides

    lupe much?

  • chiri

    whoever says this is wack is crazy, this is real hip hop here and everybody went in on this track.