Diamond District (Oddisee, X.O.,YU) just put out their follow up single to that first banger "Who I Be." The song is called "I Mean Business," and once again the DMV trio does not dissapoint. Diamond District's LP, In The Ruff, will be available via their website on April 14th.

Diamond District (Oddisee, X.O.,YU) "I Mean Business"



  • eazy

    love oddisee

  • HI.

    AAAAAAYYYYYYYYY, these kids are diamonds “In The Ruff” for real!!! They don’t need to be polished either!!! I’ll be mining for this one when it drops!!!

  • caustic

    this is dope!

  • zachary zac zac

    Keep it personal – gangstarr

  • Shamz…

    U mean mass appeal – gangstarr

  • SoulDojo87

    Pete Rock used this too on Greenbacks 😉

  • STZA

    waaaaah, this is so dope, but z-share is trippin!!!

  • Khalil Madness

    X.O. been dope you know……Oddisee fresh……DMV stand up…Trendsetters we be….”THE MADNESS SHOP WAS ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE STREET”

  • jomac_

    extra nice indeed.

  • ibDAM

    i love to hear GOOD MUSIC from the DMV!! we need to be recognized!!