We told you before about the star-studded lineup on the BK-One and Benzilla album, Rádio Do Canibal. The album is set to drop next Tuesday (10/6) via Rhymesayers. To give you another exclusive look at the project, here is Black Thought guesting on the track "Philly Boy." Rádio Do Canibal exhibits BK-One (Brother Ali's DJ) and Benzilla crafting a musical bed for some of hip-hop's most engaging emcees, such as: Scarface, Slug (Atmosphere), Black Thought, Brother Ali, Raekwon, Murs, Phonte, Haiku D' Etat (Aceyalone, Myka 9 & Abstract Rude), Blueprint, P.O.S. (Doomtree), The Grouch (Living Legends), I Self Devine, Toki Wright, Aby Wolfand, and The Hypnotic Brass Ensemble. The project was inspired by BK-One's travels across Central and South America, and the title was derived from Brazilian poet Oswald de Andrade's "Cannibal Manifesto."

BK-One & Benzilla "Philly Boy" feat. Black Thought


  • Outstanding

    If this reaches Holland imma buy for sure, that’s why i ain’t gonna listen this, i want the album to be all new music when i get it.

  • desh

    good stuff


    The beat kinda makes me want to take a nap in the park

  • MidwestBoi

    I copped the album at a recent show. I liked a good 85% of it. I would recommend it to anyone I know.

  • guest4563635762547

    i think black thought needs to spit over some new drums. this track sounds just like a roots track and its getting really repetitive. if this was his first single its one thing, but look at his catalog, he needs to really twist it up somehow or risk falling off

  • red poet

    get of black thought dick and rhym over the beats you want this goes out to the comment below me.

  • Hey U

    Good music!

  • Vante’ Soul

    ill! Black is VISCIOUS as usual.. that bass line is NASTY


    you won’t be disappointed trust me!


  • word.

    thought isn’t going anywhere..one of the illest to ever do it..although some of that verse is recycled

  • cchrono1

    This is the same rhyme from tanko at work on youtube

  • kgbuddy21

    where can i get this?

  • Shango1

    Black Thought = One of the Greatest. This Beat doesn’t really do him justice though.

  • s.g.

    he dropped this verse at the sirius radio studio right before the release of “rising down.” it’s good here but the beat he rhymed over at that show was much better for this verse

  • this is dope

    @the dude talking nonsense about drums & all the other hater

    this is dope… why cant people just appreciate music. Everyone is a critic. This is a dope beat with dope lyric’s.. what else do ya want

  • Grrr

    Why is it that people, who don’t like something, are called haters? Music is subjective. Don’t be insecure and liberally label folks ‘haters’ just because they have different tastes than you.

    That being said, I’m digging this joint. I actually think the beat is too good for black thought. [Hater shield on.]

  • beeez chi-city

    too good for black thought??? does that statement make any sense?

  • 1music
  • STZA

    “too good for black thought??? does that statement make any sense?” nope, black thought is the ish! always was and always will be!!!

  • Triz

    Only Black Thought can take a boring beat and still make it sound good.

  • thoughtFan

    heard some of those lyrics before…
    check out tank@Work:
    much faster, a real showcase 😉

  • hayzee

    @ thoughtfan, I was just about to post the same link. tanko @ work. i was kinda disappointed to hear the same verse…but whatever. i think he switched it up a bit.

  • aggie85

    hey man so what, he never came out with it on a album! thought @ work had different lyrics. its good and follows with the music. if you have heard the grand return it has some of the lyrics from some tracks off of game theory. thought just waits for the right beat and the right context to say it..

  • Tislam God Allah

    WOW. I need this album

  • des’ree

    hmm… black thought is always good 🙂 beat is ok, nothing special or new 6/10

  • turntablesiv

    Thought is top 3 in the game !!! everything he touches is dope..