88-Keys - Beats No More - Okayplayer

88-Keys - Beats No More

by shamz
8 years ago

Producer 88-Keys is performing a little early spring cleaning and doing a massive delete job on some of his older beats. With the end of days type weather going on in NY as of late, 88 didn’t feel like going to buy a new zip drive while having to tend to his daughters, but still needed disk space to catalogue some new ish. “I needed a disk today + I didn’t want to drag my lil’ ‘Looki’ outside this early = OPERATION: DELETE BEATS was now in full effect… So here they go for your amusement. By no means am I saying these are the freshest batch of beats you’ve ever heard or anything but these were all unfinished ‘ideas’ I laid down 7+ years ago & never went back to.” 88 also mentions he has a few new projects in the works, for now, enjoy Beats No More.

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