21-Year-Old Man Jailed For Wearing Hoodie, Baggy Pants

21-Year-Old Man Jailed For Wearing Hoodie, Baggy Pants

21-Year-Old Man Jailed For Wearing Hoodie, Baggy Pants

Photo Credit: Ty Greenlees for Dayton Daily News

A 21-year-old man spent nine days in an Ohio county jail for wearing a hoodie and saggy pants.

In a report from the Dayton Daily News, Markcus D. Brown was sent to Montgomery County jail on a misdemeanor trespassing charge for wearing a hoodie and saggy pants in the Dayton Regional Transit Authority Hub back on May 25.

“The male had his hood up and his pants were sagging. This is in direct violation of the policy and regulations that RTA has set forth,” a statement from the Dayton police read. Prior to this, Brown had been previously warned in May 2016 and January 2017 about trespassing on RTA property.

Greater Dayton Regional Transit Authority Chief Executive Mark Donaghy defended the RTA’s Rules of the Road, which includes rules such as “customers must maintain personal hygiene so as to not offend fellow patrons,” as well as the RTA’s Code of Conduct, which prohibits loitering, littering, horseplay and wearing hoods or masks.

It took nine days for Brown’s mom to arrange a car title loan for money to cover the $150 bail. Following that, Brown pleaded guilty June 13 where he was sentenced to 30 days in jail with 21 days suspended and nine days credit, as well as $111 in court costs and a ban from RTA buses.

“They banned me from the hub and the buses so I can’t get a job for real unless I get a car to take me to work every day,” Brown said. “A lot of people were down there with hoods on, but they just chose to come up to the young people. We weren’t doing nothing.”

Source: mydaytondailynews.com

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