d2 New Aaliyah songs were released

Yesterday we celebrated Aaliyah‘s birthday by running back Brainchild‘s tribute mix and today the universe gave us a return gift (classy birthday bashments always have return gifts) in the form of two new/previously unreleased new Aaliyah songs! Please find below “Quit Hatin” and “Girl Friends”–both of which feel more finished/present/satisfying than the posthumous Drake collaboration “Enough Said. ” No shots–I like what Drizzy and Noah “40” Shebib did with that track, actually, but Aaliyah voice sounded ghostly and eerily lost within the echoes and claps on the beat. It definitely felt more like a shrine built to remember her than her own artistic voice. Though these tracks have undoubtedly been updated since the tracks were laid, they still feel like you suddenly, impossibly, found yourself in the same room with baby-girl again. Stream the new Aaliyah songs below in soundcloud and youtube form via DJ Carisma.

“Girl Friends”

“Quit Hatin”

Two New Aaliyah songs





  • Hope

    This is not the original girlfriends smh… This sounds a mess compared to the original

    • EXACTLY! I’m so upset right now. The mix is horrible. They have her vocals off-beat. And it’s just a mess. Smh. They should have kept the original way she sang it

  • I like “Quit Hatin.” Artists will produce a bunch of unfinished work and I don’t doubt that she has a lot of great unfinished work, but–

    I’ll just stick with I like “Quit Hatin'”

  • smackyobitchass

    God I would love to hear a posthumous Aaliyah album..