Joey Bada$$ - Summer Knights

In a special holiday/year’s end edition of our Mixtape Monday column, Okayplayer has gathered together the 13 Best Mixtapes of 2013 for your listening pleasure. These are not, however, mixtapes of the scritchy-scratchy variety that we usually feature on Mixtape Mondays. You know; blend tapes, mixshows, party mixes whatever you want to call them, those seamless rivers of other people’s music where the DJ is the captain of the ship. No these are the 13 best example of that other kind of mixtape; the unofficial and/or experimental album; given away for free, possibly using uncleared samples and generally free from the restrictions that commerce, calendars and other aspects of real life can impose on sonic skill and creativity. This is an important distinction because the main reason we are honoring this as a separate category in 2013 is that there’s too many great releases we couldn’t include on our Top 13 Albums of 2013 because to one degree or another they were not official album releases, and in some ways, not the same kind of considered artistic statement either. But they’re still too dope not to get a mention–and, increasingly, in the age of the freEP, they are emerging as the engine and the signifying unit of music. So without further ado, find 13 hours or so of the official-unofficial best non-iTunes joints of the year–that’s a whole heap of music so we skipped the breakdowns and jumped straight into the streams. Play on:



  • j vigh

    No Lucki Eck$?

  • guest

    wow. how could they have forgotten about dizzy wright this year?

  • dancesexmusichiphop

    Nice, some of these I have already downloaded and never got the chance to listen to (because there was so much good music comin out in 2013) so Imma listen to this list before New Years.
    S.N. Chris Dave and the Drumhedz mixtape is HIGHLY underrated.

  • mike

    No Church Clothes Vol II? Wow. Guess Lecrae still gettin slept on like some Melatonin.

    • realness29

      lol lecrae is average, get off his dick

  • michael

    acidrap has to be there

  • questloveasianjokes

    No Lil B? this site is not based

  • Thisisaname

    Flatbush Zombies? BetteroffDEAD was one of the best releases this year.