Watch Madlib's Full Set from a Boiler Room Performance in Madrid

Watch Madlib's Full Set from a Boiler Room Performance in Madrid

The Beat Konducta takes on Madrid

This past weekend, Madlib commenced a short run of rare live appearances in the UK.

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But in his third stop of the brief tour (still slated to touch down in Bradley, Miami, and Long Beach in the coming weeks) the Stones Throw producer treated fans to a live and direct set a la Boiler Room in Madrid, where he can be heard diving deep into his crates, fading between unreleased J Dilla suites and otherworldly sounds, the readily-identifiable to the completely obscure.

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And luckily, it’s still available for you to see from whatever corner of the globe you may reside. Watch Madlib’s full set up above. Just be sure to do so with haste, as the video is set to self-destruct within the next 24-hours per FB Live policy. Scroll on for the remaining dates on the limited Medicine Show run.

Tour Dates:
Oct 3: Madrid, Spain – Boiler Room
Oct 8: Bradley, CA – Dirtybird Campout.
Oct 13: Miami, FL – III Points Festival
Nov 11: Long Beach– Tropicalia Festival

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