Prince's Sister Wants To Unlock The Vault and Release It All

Prince's Sister Wants To Unlock The Vault and Release It All

by zo
5 months ago

Prince's Sister Wants To Unlock Vault and Release It All

Source: ABC News

“We have to preserve everything. So as soon as we can release it, don’t worry, we sure will.”

Tyka Nelson, sister and newly-appointed heir to the Prince estate, wants the crack the vault for good and release it all.

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A recent interview with The Sun found Nelson announcing her mission to the world in the fallout of a deal with Universal, who backed away from purchasing the vault — rumored to contain thousands of hours of unheard and unseen material — when parties could not agree as to precisely what should be released from the mythical chamber. Nelson went on to detail plans of opening a music school in north Minneapolis for underprivileged children, a design she claims her brother bestowed upon her prior to his untimely death. Whether she can summon the legal powers of her estate — no longer under the careful watch of longtime estate lawyer Londell McMillan — is an entirely different matter.

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For now, fans can enjoy an expanded edition of Purple Rain, released at the top of the summer. Hit the link below to pick up your copy via iTunes today.


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