Magna Carda Sends A Warning To Their Imitators In "Joccin'" Music Video [Premiere]

Magna Carda Sends A Warning To Their Imitators In "Joccin'" Music Video [Premiere]

The Austin, Texas, rap group offers a warning to those trying to imitate their sound in the music video for “Joccin’.”

The visuals are at times psychedelic and oversaturated, with backgrounds changing color every second as Magna Carda‘s Megan Tillman (Megz Kelli) raps alongside bandmate and producer Chris Beale (Dougie Do). As the two ride around in a black car, their journey takes them to different locations: a forest; underneath a highway overpass — the two even hang out on top of a spray-painted patrol car.

The slightly ominous video reflects the sound of the track — moody but captivating, with Tillman providing the song’s memorable hook: “If I let the next ni**a try/He gon’ jock my flow.” It’s a warning that’s repeated for a reason — Tillman sees those trying to jock from a mile away and you’d be smart to heed her message.

“Joccin'” is a part of Magna Carda’s Somewhere In Between EP, which was released back in June of this year.

“This was actually the last song we completed for the project, but it ended up being the first song on the track list,” Beale said. “Most of our previous projects have beautiful/intricate introductions, but this was beautiful in its own way — as in we were able to come right out of the gates with something to say.”

The group recently completed a New York City residency back in August.

Check out Somewhere In Between below and the “Joccin'” video above.

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