Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah Promises Justice On New Song, “AvengHer”

Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah Promises Justice On New Song, “AvengHer”

Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah Takes Us Home On "Diaspora"

Source: Christian Scott

Offering a bit of what’s to come from his new project, The Emancipation Procrastination, Christian Scott aims to erase gender inequality.

Don’t act like you don’t know that Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah is not nice. He’s dastardly good behind that horn and one helluva producer as well. His newest song, “AvengHer,” has a particular and special aim in mind: to eradicate gender equality. A feat that has taken decades to even get into the mainstream discussion, Christian Scott’s latest is meant to tip the scales in a major way. “‘AvengHer’ started with me thinking about how to eradicate gender inequality,” Scott told HipHopDX exclusively.

LISTEN: Christian Scott Takes Us Home On The Track, “Diaspora”

Fueled by “delicate notes” and “downtempo beats,” according to DX, “AvengHer” is a home cooked gumbo of flavor and sound, as Christian Scott mixes trap music with ‘60s jazz. “There’s this notion that we have to fully agree with the issues of a given community to stand for them,” Scott said. “It seems to me that there’s a distorted sense of tribalism that is growing and I wanted to speak on it.” And with his trusty horn, he does, in a major way. The song is worthy to be blasted out of speakers and in front of your malignant boss who still thinks sexist jokes by the watercooler is the wave.

“Have you ever seen a group of men discussing pay inequality or the tenets of maternity leave?”

A profound question indeed. A question whose answer it typically a no from most of us in the male community. While us here @Okayplayer are totally for equal pay and all of its merits between the sexes, “AvengHer” goes a step further by making the advocacy palpable and readily digestible for one’s ears to enjoy.

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Listen to “AvengHer” below and get ready for Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah’s Emancipation Procrastination to arrive on Oct. 20 via Ropeadope Records.

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