Chaka Khan Drops "I Love Myself" On Her Own Label

Chaka Khan Drops "I Love Myself" On Her Own Label


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The 10-time Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter releases her first official single under hew new, iKhan Sounds indie record label.

Chaka Khan is an institution of funk, soul and R&B. A rebellious, beautiful force to be reckoned with she has continued to push artistry forward with every step in her career. With such accolades and awards to her credit, Chaka Khan has let loose some new tunes with the self-esteem anthem, “I Love Myself,” which features B. Slade.

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Written and produced by Chaka Khan, B. Slade and Eve Nelson, the song “I Love Myself” will be followed by a music video, which will drop in two weeks on Friday, June 30. Eagled-eyed fans will be happy to know that the video will offer 10 special guest features from the winners of the “I Love Myself” video contest. The sweepstakes was created by Chaka Khan to engage fans in helping spread the message of love, self-esteem and acceptance. To enter, all you have to do is upload a clip, lip synching the new single’s chorus.

This version of “I Love Myself” is an alternative version that also features an acapella intro of Chaka Khan’s famous track, “Through The Fire”. Chaka Khan continues to deliver otherworldly talent while introducing said skills to a new legion of fans and listeners. “The lyrics to ‘I Love Myself’ give voice to the deeply personal and continuing journey of my life and the obstacles I continue to overcome both publicly and privately,” Khan said in a press release for the song.

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Currently, Chaka Khan is on tour in Europe, as she is hitting several music festivals (Park Life, Wild Life and Secret Solstice Festival in Reykjavik, Iceland). She’ll then head to New Orleans for the Essence Festival on July 1 where iKhan Sounds merchandise will be available at her celebrity booth on the exhibition floor.

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