15 #ThanksgivingClapback Jokes To Use On Your Annoying Relatives

15 #ThanksgivingClapback Jokes To Use On Your Annoying Relatives

15 #ThanksgivingClapback Jokes To Use On Your Annoying Relatives

Source: Twitter

As you sit down with your family for that most awkward series of conversations, keep these #ThanksgivingClapback jokes in mind to have to level the playing field.

Turkey, stuffing (which is really dressing), cranberry sauce, good friends, family and loved ones make up the holiday known as Thanksgiving. It is a time where we get a brief break to be appreciative of being around such positive vibes. Yet, reality has shown us that that is not always the case. Family can be a bunch of nut jobs, friends can be weird and a bit kooky and the food might not always be as flavorful as one might hope.

This is where #ThanksgivingClapback comes into play. The creation of this popular joke / meme happened in the past few years and were back-and-forth dialogues between friends and family, where you get a chance to critique them for asking intrusive questions about your personal life. From roasting on your auntie who hasn’t told her husband that her kids aren’t his to that grandmother who always has something slick to say about your outfits, #ThanksgivingClapback allows you to showcase that petty side of you over a plate of greens, beans, potatoes and mac ‘n cheese.

Another #BlackTwitter specialty, #ThanksgivingClapback is poised to trend once again today, while family argue about who had too many plates and why Aunt Terry’s cornbread is so dry. Here are 15 of the funniest #ThanksgivingClapback jokes that we found online. Use them wisely and make sure to laugh out loud while slanging these jokes.

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