Rashida Jones Promises That The Golden Globes Blackout Won’t Be A Silent Protest

Rashida Jones Promises That The Golden Globes Blackout Won’t Be A Silent Protest


Source: The Tonight Show

Rashida Jones, one of the 300 women in entertainment who launched the Time’s Up initiative, says that the Golden Globes Blackout won’t be a silent protest.

Tonight, Jan. 7, the 2018 Golden Globes will be an affair to celebrate the many projects that graced our presence over the past year. It will also be the ground zero site to protest the many sexual harassment and assault issues that came out over the past few years with many actors and actresses prepared to take a stand.

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One (of many) in particular is actress, activist and all-around dope creative, Rashida Jones. As a founding member of the Time’s Up initiative, she seeks to end sexual harassment and inequality in workplaces nationwide. With those against such a belief wearing black as part of Golden Globes Blackout protest, Jones also plans to wear black to fight against sexual harassment and assault.

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Ahead of the night’s festivities, Jones had a few words for detractors who feel that the protest is divisive or ineffective. “This is not a silent protest,” the actress told InStyle magazine last Thursday. “I don’t think why we wear black is divisive as much as it is being discussed and debated without all the facts. Many women on the red carpet will discuss what’s important to them about their choice to protest and wear black. We wear black to stand in solidarity with our sisters and to say time’s up on this imbalance of power and the abuses that come with it, regardless of what industry you work in. It’s time for every workplace to look more like our world, where women have representation.”

Time’s Up also includes a legal defense fund that victims of sexual misconduct can access to fight their own cases in court.

Source: The Huffington Post

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