'Get Out' Is Officially the Most Profitable Movie of 2017

'Get Out' Is Officially the Most Profitable Movie of 2017

Jordan Peele’s modern day classic Get Out cost $4.5 million to make.

As of now, the movie has made $252 million globally and $175 million domestically. That is a crazy return on investment for Blumhouse Productions, the arthouse.production company behind the film. According to The Wrap, the movie is the most profitable film of 2017, with the return on the investment being 630 percent.

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Get Out slightly edges out another Blumhouse produced vehicle: M. Night Shyamalan’s Split. The movie cost $9 million to make. However, the film grossed $277 million, giving the film a 610 percent return on investment.

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To put some things in perspective: the highest grossing movie of 2017 was the new Beauty and the Beast movie, which took in $1.26 billion worldwide, However, the film cost $160 million to make, meaning that the return of the investment was 400 percent, which is still very good…but not Get Out good.

Source: The Wrap

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