Johnny Burgos Links With Liza Colby For "Wild About You" [Premiere]

Johnny Burgos Links With Liza Colby For "Wild About You" [Premiere]

Johnny Burgos Links With Liza Colby For "Wild About You" [Premiere]

Johnny Burgos, a highly buzzed about, respected producer-songwriter from the borough of Brooklyn, has chosen Okayplayer to debut his original material.

Inspired by Andre Martinez, his uncle and a world-class percussionist, Johnny’s fascination with the percussive rhythms of salsa and soul music, blended with his devoted passion for hip-hop. Despite overcoming life-changing obstacles, he continued to worship at the altar of music, which became his soul-driving purpose in life.

Which is why we’re ecstatic to share with you, “Wild About You,” a new track featuring singer, songwriter and close friend, Liza Colby (of The Gold Setting). Uniting to form the eclectic duo known as Good Boy Good Girl, these two share a raw chemistry that comes alive on this untamed effort. Both share the same influences and tastes in music from Michael Jackson to Erykah Badu to J Dilla to D’Angelo — making “Wild About You” a fiery blend of reggae, drum-and-bass and hip-hop worth your ear’s digestion.

“I started this song accidentally on a tangent from another session. I played the horn synths in a reggae feel and dug it, so I programmed bass and drums over it. My verse and the chorus came to me just as quickly and I was skeptical but sold myself enough to send it to Liza that night,” Johnny said to us via email. “She called me in the morning to say she loved it and I’m pretty sure we wrote her verse and the bridge that day or the next.”

Released digitally on May 5, “Wild About You,” those who already (or will) follow Johnny Burgos on social media will have a chance to win an exclusive “one of a kind” vinyl featuring “Wild About You,” along with other surprises. Burgos also plans to release a new song a month, paired with an “inspired by” vinyl mixtape, as well as a series of Facebook Live performances.

Listen to “Wild About You” below, and keep your eyes and ears open to new work from Johnny Burgos as it develops.

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