Download The Neptunes' Full Production Discography

Download The Neptunes' Full Production Discography

Download The Neptunes' Full Production Discography

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UPDATE: The site for the Neptunes’ entire discography should be up and running within the next few days. Cory Townes, one of the creators of the discography, said that they are working on the servers to get the site up and running again. The site has crashed repeatedly due to the volume of traffic and number of downloads.

“In prep for doing this collection, we were prepared for an increase in site traffic, but nothing like what we got all at one time. We went from around 10 users at once to about 5,000 in ten minutes and that traffic crashed it,” Townes said.

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Only for the most devout Neptunes fans alive.

Cory Townes and ESSNSE have dropped The Neptunes: The Other Side Of The Planet (Neptunes Production Discography). Originally dropped in 2012 (but removed two years later), the discography has returned with an updated catalog that now includes four bonus discs with 120 songs on each one, as well as three Pharrell solo compilations. So, for those interested in downloading the release, you should make plenty of room on your computer (13 GB to be specific) to make sure you will be able to download the 2,000-plus collection.

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In a statement for the release, Townes and ESSNSE writes:

Over five years ago, two creatives from different sides of the country partnered up to create the complete musical discography featuring the work of Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo, also known as the Neptunes. 15+ volumes and well over 2,000 songs later, The Neptunes: The Other Side Of The Planet went on to become an Internet smash, gaining immense popularity through Tumblr and social media. Much time has passed and the collection in its entirety was pulled off of the Internet, but after many requests to bring it back, Nylles Vernon and Cory Townes decided to not only resurrect the collection, but add onto it, updating it with the countless records the duo have released since 2012. The re-issue includes 3 Pharrell solo compilations, along with 4 bonus discs with updated material. This collection is made for not only any Neptunes enthusiast, but any music fan to enjoy. The Neptunes have changed the way we look at things not only musically but culturally, and this project is one way to show our appreciation to them. Re-introducing, The Neptunes: The Other Side of the Planet.

Download The Neptunes: The Other Side of the Planet here.

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