Roman GianArthur

About Roman GianArthur

NEWSFLASH: Metropolis authorities now agree that the being now known as Roman GianArthur shares DNA with a number of legendary figures including: Hannibal, Mansa Musa, the Wright Brothers, Albert Einstein, Jack Johnson and Mozart. The Droid Control has hurriedly been searching in vain for the Mechtech laboratory where Roman was created.

AKA: Sgt. Pepper; Captain Insanity; Sergeant Goulet; The Invincible Wondakid™; General GianArthur

Primary Superpower: Melody Mind Control—the ability to hypnotize through melody.

Did you know?!:Roman also invented the Grand Pianotron. The celestial music played from the Grand Pianotron can be heard in different dimensions. In fact, medieval scholars and Shakespeare called it “the music of the spheres.”

Hats and Superpowers: Musical Explorer in Residence, Wondaland Arts Society; Chief Composer and Arranger of The ArchAndroid Suite Overtures and “Ba Bop Bye Ya”; Chief Recording Engineer at the Musiquarium in the Palace of the Dogs; for additional hats and superpowers please see The Secret History of the Future

Hellwinter Files: According to Time Council records, Roman is working on a cryptic device called a Sonic Soul Inducer (SSI). Investigators have no certifiable proof that this device can even be built. But if completed, they speculate that this device will use sound in order to manipulate the way that mortals perceive space and time. In short, researchers claim the SSI could function as a portable time tunnel. Several Metropolis agencies are now urgently pushing for the Star Commission to add Roman GianArthur to the Immortals Wanted List, which would give them the rarely-granted clearance to send a full battalion of Ghostmen through the time tunnel system in order to apprehend or terminate “General GianArthur” in whatever time frame or dimension he might be hiding in.

via Wondaland Arts Society

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